You Even Print, Bro?

Yup, I’m aware… I was steady sharing content left and right on my IG and YouTube accounts and then all of a sudden – BAM!!… no more print videos. 

Heres why…

I’m solo-dolo out here at Hotbox… its me or the highway, so no one else is running the show when Im not around… and that’s fine and dandy until I need to devote my energy to other important stuff. 

What could that be you ask?

Well first and foremost, the website required a HUGE amount of time and planning to get put together properly but it was a necessary task (still got a few loose ends even but we’re almost done!).

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While developing the website was the main “time sucker”, I’ve also been tied up with revamping a few things in the shop and retrofitting a water supply to my garage in order to accommodate the new washout booth that is soon to arrive as well – yet another vital step in my growth and progression as a screen printer & shop owner. 

Finally, I’m also a proud “stay at home Dad” to my son Julian, and since Ive been devoting so much of my time to building hotbox print studio, I decided to make more time for him as well whenever I could. So yeah… been busy, but rest assure new stuff is officially on the way 🙂

“As always, thank you guys for your continued support & for stopping by to see whats good! –Shaun