Closed until further notice.

Hotbox Print Studio will be closed until further notice due to the California Camp Fire.

On Thursday, November 8th, a fire began in the Pulga area above Paradise California and spread at a rapid rate due to “extremely high winds” + “dry terrain/high fuels” which eventually consumed practically all of Paradise City. Chico California, our home town, is only about 30 minutes away from Paradise so we are next in line to being directly affected by this tragedy if the winds shift in our direction again.

Right now, we are prepared for the worst. My family and I are packed and ready to evacuate if necessary.  We hope it doesn’t come to this but we are optimistic and looking on the bright side. I sadly cannot say the same for many others however…

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Update: Nov.12th

The death toll has increased from 9 when I initially posted this to the Hotbox Blog to 29. Additionally, the Camp Fire has been dubbed as the “most destructive fire in California’s state history”, consuming more than 6,453 homes and structures…

As of writing this, the fire has been reported to be at 25% containment but the scale of the fire has also grown significantly. Our Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea has been amazing throughout this ordeal, and our fire fighters have been working around the clock. The City of Chico certainly appreciates their heroic efforts.

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Update: Nov.13th

The death toll sadly continues to rise and is currently at 42 now… this fire is relentless and fire fighters do not predict to have it extinguished until the end of the month. 

Currently, the California Camp Fire is only 30% contained but our fire fighters & law enforcement continue work around the clock in an attempt to keep us safe – we are beyond grateful! 

The whole ordeal is surreal. Our city of Chico is busier than its ever been before due to all the families who have been displaced by the fire.

On a brighter note, our community has been extremely strong and supportive and continues to do what it can for the families that have no where to go. 

More info as it develops…

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Update: Nov.18th

I’ve decided to discontinue daily updates as its become apparent this ordeal will not be over any time soon and at this point I’m pretty sure everyone is glued to the news regularly for the current status of the #campfire. We are anticipating to re-open our shop in the next couple weeks, and will post about it in the blog when we do so that you guys know when. Thank you for your patience and understanding.