We got a Washout Booth!

This sucker feels humongous next to everything else in my shop right now, but I feel like it was a wise choice as I prepare to grow larger in the future. It was also difficult to find a full enclosure booth that would fit my new SGREEN filtration system comfortably underneath as well, so I feel the 48″ Rhinotech was an appropriate option. 

I cannot tell you how much I wish this was a new “conveyer dryer” or a new “press” instead but it was important to prioritize what needed to come first, and having a proper screen prep area was vital, (plus my neighbors were starting to get salty about me washing out on the side of my house)… 

All in due time I guess… 1 piece of the puzzle down, many more to go.

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Let's Recap...

As requested, here are the links to the new products I purchased for our washout area: