An Unexpected Surprise

A little while ago I sent @camearven from @monumentlimited a “thank you card” for all the great content he regularly shares on his The Print Life vlog… Nothing crazy, just an extra “Stranger Tee” I had from the last run of discharge shirts I did for my dad’s band. Threw in the rest of the goodies I’d normally ship in a regular order for good measure…

Totally did not expect him to share my package on his live show though! Woah!? What a cool surprise!

Thanks a lot Cam – I hope you dig the shirt and stickers buddy. Your channel is great and I really appreciate your fun and unfiltered look into what its like to run a screen printing shop.

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Never heard of The Print Life?
The Print Life is YouTube channel by Cam Earven, the owner and of a print shop in Arizona called Monument Limited where he documents his life in the shop & gives out tips along the way every now and then… 

The Print Life later went on to become a Facebook Group for printers like myself. Though the group is a bit different now than it was when it first started, it’s still a great place to catch up with other printers from time to time and bounce ideas around, etc. 

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