Cal Fire has officially reported that the California Camp Fire has been 100% contained. 

This whole ordeal has impacted a serious amount of people in the community, specifically, the City of Paradise. A great deal of folks must start all over again from virtually nothing and it really is heart breaking. Our hearts go out to all the families that have been affected by this tragedy. The magnitude of this fire was so incredible that it seems everyone in Chico knows at least 1 person that have had their life changed by this disaster, its very sad.

On a positive note – I’ve witnessed our amazing community come together and hold strong for the folks in need. I feel proud to say Chico has really worked hard to help those families out and do what they can. 

Evacuee's of the California Camp Fire seek shelter in tents at the Wallmart parking lot in Chico, Ca

Also, BIG shout out to Upper Park Clothing for putting together an amazing fundraiser at lightening speeds to benefit the Northern California Fire Relief Fund! They raised over 15k which is amazing and 100% of the proceeds all go to the NVCF. – Way to go guys! 🙂

Please note: As of writing this today, the air quality has improved and seemingly returned to normal once again after we received some much needed rain so Hotbox will be re-opening for business on December 4th.

“Love to everyone affected by this tragedy, we are incredibly sorry for your loss…” –Shaun