You're Supportive

So I’ve been a freelance graphic designer, specializing in Logo Design for a very long time… 10+ years now… and long before that I was heavily involved in making music as an engineer and producer in the local music scene out here in Chico California …

I will tell you this though – once I joined the screen printing community, I really was amazed at the overwhelming amount of support you guys all show. Its a beautiful thing. I never once saw this type of camaraderie in the music scene… most folks are just out for themselves and only there to benefit numero uno, which definitely does not seem to be the case in the screen printing community amazingly. I find that refreshing. There seems to be a tendency to band together more and support one another and I think thats really cool.

Sure, I’ve come across a handful of printers that think their sh*t don’t stink, and if you’re not using X printing press, or Y conveyer dryer, etc. then you must not really be serious about this craft… but overall, the majority of the printers that I’ve chatted with are welcoming, friendly, and don’t mind offering some much needed advice from time to time. 


You're Diverse

The screen printing world is an interesting one. 

What I’ve found so far, is a good deal of us are predominantly creatives in one way or another. That always seems to be the mutual bond that we share right out the gate. 

I’ve been pleased to find a few others like myself as well that have a unique connection between the “art” & “music” scene… We often seem to be on the same trajectory due to the intertwined connection of those two worlds and screen printing tends to be where those crossroads intersect. (shoutout to @rhybeats, @will_smerzone, and @knockout_tees_custom_)

I suppose its only natural. I mean, bands and artists need graphic representation and often the only option is to try and make that stuff on your own rather than pay a print shop… then time goes by and suddenly you’ve become a printer yourself. I feel like even if thats not “exactly” your story many of you probably share something similar.

If you got a minute, I’d love to hear below in the comments about how you became a screen printer too! (please no spam – spam comments promoting your businesses will be automatically removed)

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