Winter is Coming...

Winter is approaching and pretty soon you’re going to need custom fleece made for your business or brand… 

What brand should you go with? 

At Hotbox, we highly recommend using Independent Trading Company for all your custom hoody needs. If your top priorities are comfort, softness, awesome colors and a great fit then Independent is the way to go. There are numerous options out there these days, but our personal favorite is Independent. Their margin of error with assembly is extremely minimal, they pay attentional to detail, and their styles are always on trend. 

While Independent may be considered a “premium” choice, we believe it automatically pays for itself in the long run. Its the only thing we personally wear when it comes to hoodies.

Independent Trading Company uses high quality fabrics that render extremely soft and flattering colorways. They offer a wide variety of styles that range from basic to premium and even their most basic offerings are extremely comfortable and more handsomely cut than many of the other offerings on the market.

At this point there should be no question who the top dog sweatshirt is. If you have any questions about Independent Trading Company please feel free to give us a shout any time and well be sure to answer your questions! 

Stay warm out there!